Well-being with Ergonomics

Ergonomic Evaluation in just a “FEWE” Steps

  • FEET | Check that feet are flat on the floor. Adjust chair so thighs are parallel with floor and knees are at 90°.
  • ELBOW | Check that work surface is at elbow height. Shoulders relaxed and elbows at 90°. If desk or keyboard tray cannot be lowered, raise chair and supply footstool.
  • WRISTS | Check that wrists are straight.
  • EYE | Check that top third of monitor is eye height and screen is arms distance away.

Work from Home Ergonomic Assessment From Herman Miller

Check the health and productivity of your WFH setup

  • Free & Easy | Takes less than five minutes to complete. Get recommendations to improve your workspace and well-being.
  • Research-Driven | Our recommendations are backed up with decades of experience and research in ergonomics.
  • Actionable Results | Get a score for the effectiveness of your workspace, with tips on areas to improve.

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